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The brand new Pet Shark album Carnivore Cruises

The first Pet Shark album Le Debut

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Pet Shark is a progressive rock, instrumental band from Orange County, California featuring and co-founded by Keith Moreland on guitar, and Ted Morton on drums, percussion, keyboards and other various sound effects. 


Bass Guitarist Matt Bissonette recorded on the first and second album, but because of his busy recording and touring schedule (with Elton John), he is not able to join the band for the live shows. So they've been joined by bass guitarist Russ Reshaw who has been on the road with the band Two or More for the last ten years, playing over 120 dates per year. Russ has also performed with Bobby Kimball, former lead singer of the band Toto. Russ is an amazing bass player, but best of all, he's a great guy. The band is very pleased to have him.


They are all seasoned professionals both in the studio and at live performances. Collectively, they have played with such musicians as Crystal Lewis, Dennis Agajanian, Darryl Mansfield, John and Anne Barbour, Steve Camp, Terry Clark, Two or More, Bryan Duncan, Bobby Kimball, and countless others.


In July 2017, the band had an opportunity to meet and play with musical genius Mike Keneally (Frank Zappa, Steve Vai, Joe Satriani). Mike took a real liking to the music and was asked to join the band as co-producer for the upcoming second album entitled “Carnivore Cruises.” Mike ended up playing guitars and adding to the keyboards that Ted had already laid down. The full-length album is now in the editing and mixing phase and they’re hoping for a release date by the end of summer 2018. 


They are continuing to perform numerous dates in order to support the release of their first full-length album Le Debut, which is available on over 20 different outlets around the globe including iTunes and Amazon Mp3. The album has garnered extremely positive reviews both nationally and internationally. Look for the second album “Carnivore Cruises” to drop at the end of summer. 


"It’s our sincere hope that you’ll enjoy listening to our music as much as we enjoy making it!" Ted and Keith